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Luke Sommer and Modern Human

First, a spoiler: Luke Sommer has an alter ego and it’s called Modern Human. As a contemporary homosapien, Luke implements a cutting-edge songwriting and recording process. He writes, records, mixes and produces the music in his Ojai, California studio, even designing the artwork and photography, as well as directing his own videos. In short, Luke’s … Continue reading

Teppei Teranishi, Dustin Kensrue and Thrice

This latest instalment of Famous Guitar Gear forms something of a tribute to a band who never quite got the credit they so rightfully deserved. On 12th November, Thrice issued a statement which said that they were officially going on “hiatus” but, judging from the content of the message, read more like an abandonment of … Continue reading

Matt Stevens and The Fierce & the Dead

First of all, this interview has been placed in a bit of misleading category. Matt Stevens is not just an everyday guitarist: he’s an everyday guitar hero. In five years, he’s gone from winning over audiences at open mic nights to a recording solo artist in his own right, as well as performing as part … Continue reading

Coming up on Everyday Guitar Gear…

A quick post to tell everyone what’s coming up on the blog in the next few weeks. Tomorrow we’ll have an exclusive interview with Matt Stevens, solo guitarist extraordinaire and member of instrumental proggers The Fierce & the Dead. He’ll share insights into his gear and songwriting philosophies, as well as offering a few tips for … Continue reading

Billy Corgan, Jeff Schroeder and The Smashing Pumpkins

It’s another post-gig report on EDGG: last night I saw The Smashing Pumpkins at the Birmingham O2 Academy and was rather impressed. Sure, we could talk all day about how it’s not the same without James, D’Arcy or Jimmy and that some of the Teargarden by Kaleidyscope material is patchy at best but Billy Corgan … Continue reading

Jesse Sampermans and These Mountains Are Ghosts

Jesse Sampermans is the guitarist for Belgium metallers These Mountains Are Ghosts, who boast a Queens of the Stone Age-esque swagger and Mastodon-ised riffs with prog, stoner and hardcore tendencies. If these mountains are indeed ghosts, it’s the intense, encircling nature of Jesse’s riffs which form their spectral peak. Since he claims to have never … Continue reading

Nigel Tufnel and Spinal Tap

With 11/11/11 marking the first, and possibly only, Nigel Tufnel Day, it seems appropriate to honour one of guitar’s true innovators with an analysis of the gear that makes the man tick. While Nigel has more traditionally been associated with Gibson Black Beauty Les Pauls and Flying Vs (as made famous in 1984 documentary This … Continue reading

Matt Ramey and Gods of Harvest

Let nobody say that Matt Ramey is not a guitarist with balls. Four tracks into Gods of Harvest’s gorgeously jangly songs in lowercase EP, he only goes and busts out a ring modulated lead. And it works. If you can scarcely believe what I’m saying, take a listen to Make It Honest below and be … Continue reading

Mike Einziger and Incubus

In a fit of adolescent reminiscing, I saw Incubus at the Cardiff Motorpoint Arena last night. Mike Einziger, their often unorthodox guitarist, remains one of my biggest inspirations on the instrument, although his recent songwriting leaves much to be desired. In fact, this sentiment seemed to be shared by the majority of the audience; I’ve … Continue reading

Michael Brown and Tigerline

Yes, it’s the first entry on the blog and, yes, that’s me, the founder of Everyday Guitar Gear. I play guitar in an Oxford-based instrumental rock band called Tigerline. I don’t want people thinking this is all about self-promotion though; this is merely to give an idea of what kind of content EGG is going … Continue reading

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