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Teppei Teranishi, Dustin Kensrue and Thrice

This latest instalment of Famous Guitar Gear forms something of a tribute to a band who never quite got the credit they so rightfully deserved. On 12th November, Thrice issued a statement which said that they were officially going on “hiatus” but, judging from the content of the message, read more like an abandonment of Thrice as a full-time proposition. They’re welcome to prove me wrong of course, but family commitments are important so I can hardly issue any kind of negativity towards the band.

Teppei onstage (photo: sgvisuals)

Still, one of the things that made Thrice so great was the guitar sounds. From Vheissu onwards, guitarists Teppei Teranishi and Dustin Kensrue suddenly acquired a taste for tone and it was one that came to define Thrice’s genre transformation from post-hardcore forebears to alt-rock darlings.

On The Illusion of Safety and The Artist in the Ambulance, Teppei relied on a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier with matching cab, while The Alchemy Index: Fire featured Marshall JCM800s. However, he now almost exclusively uses Vox AC30s, adjusting his guitar’s volume and preamp gain to go between clean and distorted sounds. In addition, his pedalboard has gone from including Line 6 modellers with a ProCo Rat and Digitech Whammy pedal to just a Line 6 M13, which is also used by Eddie Breckenridge, bassist in the band. More information is available on the Thrice Gear Blog and you can watch Teppei’s own gear tour below.

Dustin adopts a similar approach to Teppei, although he does build some gorgeous-looking Jazzmaster-esque instruments for his own use, while Teppei opts for a Gibson ES-335. Both guitarists also implement baritone guitars into their setups, as heard on Yellow Belly, the opening track of Major/Minor, which was my personal album of the year and one that could, unfortunately, be the band’s last.

Still, that’s enough talk from me. Let Dustin take you through his rig below and I will leave you with one final message: listen to and appreciate Thrice. They’re great. Seriously.

About Michael Brown

Michael is a journalist, musician and general guitar geek who works for Total Guitar and Guitarist magazines. He also freelances on the side, most often for Drowned in Sound. You can view his work here.


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