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Mike Einziger and Incubus

In a fit of adolescent reminiscing, I saw Incubus at the Cardiff Motorpoint Arena last night. Mike Einziger, their often unorthodox guitarist, remains one of my biggest inspirations on the instrument, although his recent songwriting leaves much to be desired. In fact, this sentiment seemed to be shared by the majority of the audience; I’ve never seen new material clear a room, let alone an arena, so quickly.

Mike Einziger onstage

Mike Einziger onstage, admidst fog (photo: Christopher Johnson)

Still, the old stuff sounded as good as ever and Mikey even let rip with a few uncharacteristically over-the-top guitar solos. His tones were also sounding rather glorious so I thought it would be worth sharing a couple of recent videos showcasing his current gear. Mike tends to opt for pretty regular stuff in terms of pedals, amps and guitars, although his axe of choice has gone through a number of changes in recent years, including Fender Jazzmasters, Gibson SGs, Squier Thinline Telecasters and now Ernie Ball Albert Lee signature models. Nonetheless, whatever he chooses, his sound is always recognisable: the mark of a great guitar player. Feel free to share your thoughts on his rig below or via the social mediums of Facebook and Twitter.

Photo: Christopher Johnson on Flickr

About Michael Brown

Michael is a journalist, musician and general guitar geek who works for Total Guitar and Guitarist magazines. He also freelances on the side, most often for Drowned in Sound. You can view his work here.


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